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Welcome! PHPers or Developers. We want you to know how to use a new php framework using this documentation on web.

#What is CafeLatte?

CafeLatte(CL) is a one of php frameworks in the world. It calls 'C','L' framework.

CL framework is a fast, simple, extensible framework enables you to quickly and easily build your RESTFul web applications and add third-party applications easily on it.

CL framework aims to be a micro framework based on the recently PHP new version(latest Version).

At its core, CL framework has a ROUTE that receives an HTTP request, invokes an appropriate callback routine and CONTROLLER that controller your whole business logic and returns an HTTP response and TEMPLATE for separating the PHP from the HTML. That’s ALL.

Also, It is very easy to learn. It is `FREE`.

#Why Did you build a new PHP Framework?

In 2001, I started to develop applications, at that time. I did not use any framework. Few year after that, I used to use some frameworks like Codeigniter Framework, Lalavel Framework, Slim Framework etc.

then I developed own PHP framework, I have built every each applications with it since 2012.

The problems was that i had to share how to use this framework to my coworkers. Especially I moved to other company.I had to create so many documentations to complete taking over.

one of other problems was i had to spend time to learn every each frameworks. I do not want other PHPers to spend time to learn too much, I am going to record movies for tutorial.

That's why i decide to make it open-source project.

#How does it work?